Nyonya Cooking

Weibliche Nachkommen einer chinesischen Ethnizität die im 15. Jahrhundert in das malaiische Archipel ausgewandert sind.

Wie eine echte Nyonya kocht Grace echtes asiatisches Essen mit frischen Zutaten.

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Heylo hungry people!! My first post for 2018 - my granny‘s vegetarian dish 🌱 (yes yes, recipe on bio or nyonyacooking.com). It’s not just any vegetarian dish but a dish that has lots of memories. I grew up eating this once a year. Only on the first day of Chinese New Year. Best eaten with plain white rice to soak up all the delicious gravy. The taste of fermented tofu (namyu) makes a huge difference and I can assure you, it‘s no normal stir fry! 😉
I’m not a very superstitious person BUT there are a few things I do follow when it comes to CNY such as not washing my hair on the first day. Because the Chinese pronunciation of hair has the the same pronunciation as the character “fa” in “fa cai”. “Fa cai” means to become wealthy! So ,washing “fa” on the first day means you are washing your wealth away! Urm...am I the only 👵🏼 here? 😅
Do you know any superstitions? Do you believe them? Most importantly, do you follow any of them 😏 please tell me, I’m not the only old lady here 😣
Looking for a weekend project on @nyonyacooking? What about Kuih Seri Muka? It has a layer of glutinous rice and a second layer of aromatic Pandan flavoured custard. The ingredients are very simple but there are a few things to watch out to avoid crumbling kuih, uneven surface and lumpy custard. Serve this with Teh Tarik to make your day complete 🤤 All tips can be found on nyonyacooking.com
Cooking is so “ma fan” (tedious)? Well, if you can spend time for others in your job or even scrolling through Facebook, why not invest the time in your own meals? Fresh home cooked meals can be done under 30 minutes, if you want. Steamed chicken with goji berries and red dates (oh oh, #superfood alert!!) is quite a staple in my home because it’s so easy to cook after a long day of work. More easy recipes on @nyonyacooking Prepare a simple vegetable stir fry and serve with rice. You’re good to go! So....are you still eating out on a Tuesday? 😏  Full recipe on nyonyacooking.com #huffposttaste #powerfoodaward
Ahh!! Craving for Pad Kra Pao Gai (Holy Basil Chicken Stir Fry) for breakfast! Do you have such cravings toooo?? But wait, just not any Pad Kra Pao Gai. Specifically, the recipe on @nyonyacooking 😜 It is really one of the best that I’ve tasted. No joke! On par with many restaurants out there ;) Fantastic recipe, fool proof and done in 20 minutes! Full recipe on www.nyonyacooking.com
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Happy National Coffee Day!! Did you drink coffee today?? To celebrate my big love for coffee, let me show you my amateurish way of making latte art 😂 it’s always different BUT I know, one day...I will get there. Or maybe I should stick to pouring coconut milk into curries 😜 Follow @nyonyacooking | p/s: @aniis_raum_fur_kaffee_kultur @bunca_barista @the_holy_cross_brewing_society did I pass the barista test? 😅🤣😈🤦🏻‍♀️
Friyay! Time for some delicious mango lassi 😋 I used to enjoy a glass of wine of Fridays to celebrate the weekends. But lately, Fridays are celebrated with Indian food 🤗 #notcomplaining hence, mango lassi all the way! How do you celebrate Fridays? - @nyonyacooking Visit www.nyonyacooking.com for FREE full recipe